Bucket List #12 Corella Dam Qld

Spend a few days at Corella Dam QLD (BL47)

This made my top 100 list from the recommendations of travellers from the Grey Nomads Website. Situated roughly half way between Mt Isa and Cloncurry it is a little gem. It is actually signposted as Clem Walton Park.

While most try to park as close to the water as possible and huddle around the edges, I chose a spot up on the hill. Because of fixed solar panels I always try to park my bus in full sun. I had a cluster of low trees/bushes close by so spent a few days just relaxing in the shade and catching up on some reading. Although there were probably up to 100 vans in the general area, no one was really close so it was a nice quiet relaxing time. I believe some people camp here for weeks at a time Obviously if you have a tinny or are into canoeing or other water based activities it could keep you busy.

The road in is a bit rough but easily travelled in 2wd.

Certainly somewhere I would stay again if passing.

View of Corella Dam from my site
Corella Dam Qld

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