Bucket List #10 Daly Waters

Spend a night or two at Daly Waters (BL33)

Everybody that is doing the lap or comes up from the southern states talks about Daly Waters Pub as a “must do” so of course it had to be on my bucket list too.

Part of the experience is ordering the “Beef and Barra”, so on check in I forked out $34.50 for my evening meal along with $10 for an unpowered site. This meal must be pre ordered otherwise you can just order off the regular menu at night.

The area for the caravan park is absolutely huge and must house several hundred, if not over a thousand people.

Everyone wanders around with iPhone, ipad or camera in hand. Every wall and post has something hanging off it. From bras to hats to things to money. You name it and it is there. Usually signed by the “donor”.

Happy Hour starts at 4pm (which is only on middies) and the beer garden starts filling up by about 5.30pm. The Beef and Barra (pre ordered)is available from 6.30pm when they call out your name to indicate your meal is ready. Its like playing Bingo, only with food as the prize.

I was joined at my table by a Brisbane couple, Lynette and I think it was Dennis. Or maybe it was Chris? Anyway they were a nice couple and it was enjoyable company.

Entertainment was supplied by Tom Maxwell, a travelling country musician who has over a dozen albums to is name and he was very good. Got the crowd involved in some fun stuff and all in all it was a good night. It would be a great night with a group of friends there. Interestingly I was the only solo there. It didn’t stop me having a good time though. It wasn’t “packed” but there was a good crowd.

Definitely worth stopping here for the night.

Tom Maxwell entertaining the dinner time crowd.

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