July 2019 Stats

Total Km for July 1,885 (9,158 ytd) Most Km in a day 292 (298) Average Daily Mileage 60 (50)

Budget $2,000 ($13,000) Monthly Spend $3,637 ($13,085)

Oops. Blew the budget this month. A couple of big ticket items like Insurance and Service/Repairs. Overall pretty much smack bang on target.

Accommodation Nights 31 (180) Family/Friends 0 (76) Low/No Cost 5 (65) National Parks 0 (4) Caravan Parks 20 (28) Showgrounds 6 (6) Station Stays 0 (1)

Books Read This Month 4 (23)

Never Tell Me Never by Jane Shepherd

A champion cross country skier in training for the Winter Olympics, her life was irrevocably altered during a bike ride to the Blue Mountains when she was hit by a truck. A great story of courage, determination and overcoming so many medical obstacles, Janine learnt how to fly during her recovery period and went on to become an aerobics flying instructor. Amazing lady.

Horse Bells and Hobble Chains by Jeff Hill

A compilation of 28 stories documenting the lives of cattlemen, each a character in their own right, who made a living (some would say existence) in the harsh cattle country across the unforgiving lands of Northern Australia. Life in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s in a saddle was ready made for these young men – boys in many cases as they mostly left school in their very early teens – as they sought and found adventure and a love of the outback country. I found this an exceptionally great read as many of the names of the cattle stations mentioned were names that I was familiar with. Some I recall writing credit reports on in the late 80’s, some I have read about in other books and others I have seen signposts indicating their proximity.

Her Father’s Daughter by Debi Marshall

Having read Sara Henderson’s books on life on Bullo Station in the north west corner of the Northern Territory, this is Bonnie Henderson’s story. Bonnie was the estranged daughter of Sara. Enjoyed the read. There are always two – if not more – sides to every story.

Bullo – The Next Generation by Marlee Ranacher

Following hot on the heels of Bonnie’s book comes the next chapter, being sister Marlee’s book. Another fascinating read and yet a third side to the Bullo River Station story. Talk about complicated families! It is funny how perspective works. It means totally different things to different people. If you have read another of the other Bullo Books, then this is a must read too.

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