June 2019 Stats

Total Km for May 1,363 (7,273 ytd) Most Km in a day 298 (298) Average Daily Milage 45 (48)

Budget $2,000 ($11,000) Monthly Spend $1,803 ($9,448)

Accommodation Nights 30 (149) Family/Friends 20 (76) Low/No Cost 5 (60) National Parks 0 (4) Caravan Parks 5 (8) Showgrounds 0 (0) Station Stays 0 (1)

Books Read This Month 2 (19)

My Polar Dream by Jade Hameister

Talk about turning dreams into reality! Fourteen year old Jade Hameister had a dream to complete the Polar Hat-Trick. So in 2016 she skied to the North Pole. In 2017, she completed the Greenland Crossing. Then in 2018, at the age of just 16, she arrived at the South Pole. In the process Jade became the youngest person in history to complete the Polar Hat-Trick. With a can do, will do attitude this is one remarkably determined young lady. It goes to show that whatever age you may be, determination and a will to succeed means that nothing is out of reach of any of us.

Heart Country by Kerry McGinnis

Published back in 2001, Heart Country tells the story of a man and his 4 young children who work the stock routes droving cattle in the 1960’s. Based around the Gregory River in far north Queensland, they eventually buy their own property, before selling and buying Bowthorn, north of Lawn Hill in the Gulf Country. The property is still in the family today. If ever you thought your life was a bit tough growing up, have a read of this remarkable story and you will get a sense of what a tough upbringing is all about. Compelling reading and one of the best books I have ever read.

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  1. Thanks for your informative blog.
    Cheers Greg


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