May 2019 Stats

Total Km for May 376 (5,910) Most Km in a day 119 (264) Average Daily Milage 12 (49)

Budget $2,500 ($9,000) Monthly Spend $1,704 ($7,645)

Accommodation Nights 31 (119) Family/Friends 30 (56) Low/No Cost 1 (55) National Parks 0 (4) Caravan Parks 0 (3) Showgrounds 0 (0) Station Stays 0 (1)

Books Read This Month 4 (17)

In Pieces by Sally Field Who from my generation didn’t love watching “The Flying Nun” on the small screen? Can you believe that Sally is now in her early seventies? This warts and all book published last year gives a graphic picture of a young girl growing up into a woman and a damn good actress. She was always one of my favourite stars and writes in a way to hold your interest and make you wonder what she will say next. Recommended.

It happened in Marble Bar by Joy Flegg

This book I purchased from the Visitors Centre/Museum in Marble Bar. A personal account of life in Marble Bar by a young bride who moved there from Perth in 1935 and etched out a life raising 3 children. I love reading these sorts of stories. Great little history lesson.

Winx by Andrew Rule

I’m not into horses at all but found this book at KMart at a bargain price. It gives a great number of back stories about the people involved in what became the Winx story and arguably the greatest racehorse of the modern era. You don’t need to be a racing person to enjoy this one.

The Dinkum Aussie Dunny Companion by Nicholas Reed

As the title suggests, this book belongs in the toilet. Basically a book of useless trivia of the weird and whacky variety.

Strike me Lucky! by Dave Hadson

This is a funny read of Dave’s early life growing up in Sydney and then as a young man as he travels Australia working in some remote locations. An enjoyable read “as it was”.

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