February 2019 Stats

I have always been a bit of a stats man and part of documenting my trip is to include some stats that I keep.

Total Kilometres for February 2019 – 908 Most km in a day 264
Average Daily Km 33

As a solo living off savings my budget is $500 per week or $71.43 per day. This includes all running costs including rego, insurance and maintenance.

Monthly Budget $2000 Monthly spend $409

Accommodation (Nights) – 27 Family/Friends – 23 Low Cost/No Cost – 4

Exercise – In my working life I had been averaging around 14,000 steps Monday to Friday. My plan was to at least match this over 7 days and to up the ante a little. Not off to a good start but I am confident this will improve as I venture to more remote parts and begin exploring new places.

Steps for month – 162,248 Lowest Daily – 2,379 Highest Daily – 15,574 Average – 6,009

Books read – I have always been an avid reader but over the past years (decades) life – and probably TV – have got in the way. I plan to rectify this. So Books read this month – 1. A Rich & Diverse Heritage – Collie 1898 to 2010 by John Bird. I had bought this book when I first moved to Collie but never got around to reading it. Now I have. I met some people while I was in Dongara that used to live in Collie back in the 1980’s so I was pleased to be able to recycle to them.

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