April-May-June 2017

Time is ticking away and as I write this I am down below 1000 days until the real adventure begins. 992 more sleeps to be precise.

The past 3 months I have had weekends away at places as diverse as Nanga (Dwellingup)Mount Barker, Borden, Jitarning, Bull Creek (Perth) and Dryandra.

In May I was invited to a couple of functions, one in Mandurah and one in Perth so decided to take Rhonda and headed up to Mandurah  to the Port Bouvard Bush Poets Breakfast. This was a great morning where I met some amazing characters and heard some fantastic poetry. They had an open mic session and I got talked into getting up and reciting a couple of my poems. Whilst I didn’t win any prizes it was great experience and a lot of fun. I then headed up to Bull Creek for a 40th Anniversary of the Lions Club of Canning City. It was held at the RAAF complex and I slept in the carpark overnight. Not recommended. As I couldn’t really put up my sun shades it was VERY bright all night and I didn’t sleep well despite a few beers during the evening.

For a long time I have had the National Anzac Centre in Albany (WA) on my to do list and so took advantage of the June long weekend to head down south. Friday night I stopped at a rest area just north of Mount Barker. I hadn’t banked on so much traffic and it was a very restless night. When I got to Albany the next morning I found out why there was so much traffic. Albany was hosting their annual Vintage Car Races at Mt Clarence. It was wall to wall traffic. I still got to The Anzac Centre just after opening time so it was fairly quiet and I spent just over 3 hours there. If you haven’t been yet definitely put it on your bucket list. Well worth the $24 entry fee. Café is also well worth a stop. The view is amazing.


National Anzac Centre, Albany WA


Then headed north and stopped at Borden. No cost parking area opposite pub. Clean toilets and bins available. Self contained. Just as I was heading over to the pub to watch the footy a car pulled up and a couple of overseas tourists pulled in and started pitching their tent on the edge of the bitumen parking area, under the verge trees. It was pretty windy with light rain. Had a great night at the Borden Hotel. Friendly staff and locals. Had a huge dining area which at first I thought was a bit of a waste for a country pub but come 7 o’clock the place was full. People come from miles around to enjoy the food. I had pizza in the bar area while watching the Tigers (AFL) have a good win. Pizza was delish and good value at $15.00. By the time I got back to my bus the tent and the car were nowhere to be seen.  This was a great spot for an overnight stay and I will go back one day to climb Bluff Knoll which is only half an hour away.

Borden WA

Lake Grace was an interesting town on a Sunday morning. Extremely clean but nothing open except Roadhouse and IGA. Had a great hamburger at Roadhouse before heading along Tin Horse Highway into Kulin then to my next stopover at Jitarning. This is just a wheat siding with 3 houses, one of which was once the general store with fuel, next door to what was to be a hotel but after being built the license was never approved as the township of Kulin was chosen instead. Next door is a Hall which has been lovingly restored by the people in the surrounding district. Behind that is another house.

Jitarning Grain Bins
Tin Horse Highway
Tin Horse Highway
Lake Grace
Random Tree

The highlight of the past 3 months was being invited by 3 of my 4 sons (all in their 20’s) to join them, their girlfriends and a few mates camping at Nanga near Dwellingup, about 1 1/2 hours south east of Perth WA. They all were in tents whilst I was in my bus in the carpark. A great spot just out of Dwellingup – called Nanga Townsite – one of many camping areas around here.


Nanga Townsite Camping Dwellingup














1 thought on “April-May-June 2017

  1. Ray, you have had a very interesting three months. We went to the ANZAC Centre in March and as you say it was fantastic. We like the sound of the other places you camped at and will remember them for when we are back in WA. Under 1000 sleeps will very soon turn into under 100! 😊


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