Jan Feb March 2017

I haven’t done as many weekends away as I would have liked so hence the 3 monthly post. House renovations have taken precedence. This is my first weatherboard home and now I know why I have previously always lived in brick – and modern – homes.

I do make a monthly pilgrimage to Dryandra and this is always an enjoyable weekend. The area copped in excess of 160mm when the storms came through in January. This enabled the Congelin Dam to fill for the first time in the past 10 years.

I also did a trip to Balingup (stayed on a mates property). I went a different way to previous time, this time through the Ferguson Valley and came across Gnomesville. What a fascinating little “village”. I had heard of this place many times when I lived in Perth. All I knew was it was “down south” somewhere. Well it turns out it is not far from where I now live in Collie. There are thousands of gnomes here, each with a story to tell.

When I moved into my house in Collie I was given a gnome as a house warming gift. It sits at the back door to welcome my visitors. I have decided that when it is time to hit the road permanently I will “donate” my gnome to Gnomesville Village so it will have plenty of company and not be lonely.

Other places I have had weekends away to have been Trigwells Bridge and Querijup Pool. In both cases I was the only resident. Just the way I like it. Peace and quiet.

Trigwells Bridge (#90 in Camps 8) is about 36km NE of Boyup Brook. Just a parking area with no facilities but nice and peaceful with little road traffic. Situated on the Blackwood River.

Querijup Pool (#87 in Camps 8) is 6km SE of Mayanup, which is not too far south of Boyup Brook. Again, no facilities but heaps of area to be alone with nature.

Brought myself a Baby Q and absolutely love it. Nothing better than cooking outdoors.


Above: My mate at Balingup feeding Bandicoot that is a regular visitor to his property.

Trigwell Bridge Jan 2017
Trigwells Bridge Jan2017




Querijup Pool
Querijup Pool March2017





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