November 2016

Only 1 trip away this month.

I didn’t get away as early as I wanted to on the Friday afternoon so I decided to just head to Glen Mervyn Dam which is only about 20km from Collie.

Glen Mervyn is popular with water skiers and they have their own dedicated launching area. There is also a day parking area, both being on the eastern side of the dam. Camping is allowed on the western side via an access road just prior to the ski area.

I arrived after 4.30pm and found a spot on my own right on the water with a toilet about 50 metres away. I was the only one there for a while before a a 4wd with an off road caravan came down the hill followed by a 4wd with a boat in tow. They set up camp about 80 metres away – just far enough away. It didn’t take long before their kids were in the water on a raft, yelling and generally having fun.

The water ski boats stopped just after 6pm and it was relatively quiet after that. It had been a very hot day and the bus was extremely warm inside. Next item to buy for Rhonda will be a couple of 12 volt fans. I also need to get something to chock the wheels up. I had parked on a bit of an incline (didn’t have a choice) and had to change pillows to other end so I wasn’t sleeping with my head downhill.

Saturday morning I left just after 10am and headed into Donnybrook to meet up with some friends from Perth to check out the Gourmet Food and Wine Festival. Had a wander through the main street shops, including market stalls, until friends arrived. We walked around the wine and food stalls but as it was stinking hot we headed to the Bakery for lunch instead. Very clean shops with heaps of yummy choices. Settled for a salad roll and milkshake!

After lunch, headed off to Ballingup where I stopped the night and enjoyed some wonderful company with host Tom and my friends from Perth. Sunday morning before I headed back to Collie I had a quick tour of the town of Ballingup. Will return for a more leisurely stroll next time.




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