October 2016

Managed to get away twice this month, firstly to Dryandra (see previous post), and this weekend just past stayed first night at Pumphreys Bridge WA (#180 in Camps8). Is beside Hotham River. I arrived just after 4.30pm and had the pick of the sites as I was the only one there. On the other side of the Hall and Toilet block next to the oval was a 4wd with caravan.


Happy hour lasted all of 20 minutes as it was very windy and quite cool as I was still in shorts. Because of the wind I didn’t put the awning out.

When I pulled in I noticed big marquee on the edge of the oval with about 50 or 60 stackable plastic chairs and a portable loo on a trailer nearby. With that in mind I was prepared to move if “something big” started.

It was my first night out “alone” and whilst a bit nervous I had a very restful nights sleep and only the occasional car could be heard.

Saturday morning I wandered over to the toilet block and noticed the caravan gone but there were several cars arriving and people starting to mill around. I spoke to one of the guys who told me it was a large family reunion gathering of his indigenous family. We had a brief conversation and I went back to my campsite as more cars started to arrive.

While my original plan was to stay at Pumphreys Bridge the 2 nights, the influx of locals convinced me that it was best that I depart and leave the whole area to them. I stopped briefly in Wandering. I was expecting “a town” but with only a post office as part of the shire administration building and an unmaned 24 hour fuel station, I was disappointed that there wasn’t even a general store. There was a Primary School and a few houses.

Wandering Oct16.JPG

My Saturday night stop ended up at Bannister Parking area (#183 in Camps8). Stopped beside the road to start with and then realised there was more parking further down a track so headed in there. While it was still close to the Albany Highway and therefore very noisy, it was out of sight of passing traffic. Again I was the only one there.

Going to bed before the sun goes down 2 nights in a row is, well, something I haven’t done since I was a naughty child I guess! It was just so nice to just totally unwind. No TV (I haven’t learnt how to hook it up yet – and am in no hurry), no phone coverage so no internet (facebook). I didn’t even think about work for 2 days. This IS the life.

I an SO loving my weekends away.

Bannister Oct16.JPG


3 thoughts on “October 2016

  1. Sounds great Ray. So pleased you are enjoying the lifestyle. Roll on retirement!

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  2. Ray if you drive around on the south side of Wandering their is a few houses and think maybe a shop. The pub has been done up a bit since my last stop there ( 5ys ago ), that was also the local shop.
    Went though 4 weeks back and the self serve servo was up and the front of the pub had been done up.
    Regards. Ge.

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  3. Thanks Ge. History tells me I should have driven around the back streets. Most of the gems are found there, not in the main drag. I love that area so will be back through.


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