Shakedown trip

My first shakedown trip was only ever going to be a weekender. Still stuck in the work rut for a while longer.

Got away from Collie just after 1pm on the Friday afternoon and headed for Dryandra Woodland Village, about 25km north of Narrogin.

Rhonda (name of Bus) rides well and whilst she struggles a bit (read A LOT) up hills, I wasn’t in a rush and not much traffic on the road. Arrived at campsite just after 3.30pm and after checking in, set up camp. Setting up camp was as easy as climbing out of the drivers seat. Apart from putting the blockout screen up around the windscreen, that was about it. As it was overcast and rain was predicted for most of Saturday, didn’t bother putting the awning up. That can wait for a sunny weekend in the very near future.

I think the only thing I forgot to take with me was tomato sauce for my hamburger on Saturday night! Oh I also forgot to put in sunscreen but as it wasn’t sunny for long my hat was enough cover.

Dryandra has o phone coverage so one of the things I learnt was that you don’t need to check your phone for messages/emails every half hour. The world can wait!

It was a great weekend for me to get acquainted with Rhonda and she didn’t let me down.

Footnote: Dryandra is not normally open for caravans or motorhomes but as it was the Lions Dryandra Olympics weekend and AGM they make an exception. A great weekend and now on my annual calendar. Caretaker John told me there were a couple of great camp spots nearby so I will check them out at another time.

1 thought on “Shakedown trip

  1. Glad you have had your first weekend away with Rhonda and all went well. 🙂


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